Battery for electric car

The future is electric

For generations, our experts have worked on the car battery, paving the way for continuously improved versions. Now, we have revolutionised it. Our electric battery is designed to amplify your driving experience. It will reduce emissions, improve the way we consume energy, and help create a better, more sustainable society. Drive on.

Electrifying Technology

The revolutionary Nissan lithium-ion battery is compact, safe, powerful and durable, with a high recommendation rate from our electric customers. A highly innovative piece of technology, the battery pack is also 99% recyclable – at the end of its service it is dismantled and its components sorted before being given a second life, supporting energy management and sustainability.

Electric vehicle battery cost Saving
EV Battery-powered Future

Electric is Priceless

Driving electric is not just a way of driving. It's a way of life. Electric gives you complete control of your vehicle running costs, with no money spent on fuel, 20% fewer moving parts meaning a lower cost of maintenance, a lower breakdown risk, the ability to move freely around congested zones and to charge overnight to reduce the electricity bill. Money saved, life improved.

Electric car cost saving
EV rapid Re-charge

The Rapid Re-charge

Not only is the Nissan electric battery reliable and economical, but it's been built for your convenience. For those times when you need to get up and go, Nissan electric vehicles feature a Rapid Charge port which will allow you to charge from 20%-80% in around 60 minutes. Charging times may be affected by a number of factors, please see below for more information.**