10th July 2019

10th July 2019

10th July 2019

  • Redesigned, this new model is the perfect example of Japanese Kaizen- the mentality of improvement.
  • Experience improved braking, stability, acceleration and design.
GT-R Nismo

With a world-class reputation behind it, Nissan are more than a little excited to welcome the arrival of the new Nissan GT-R NISMO to the UK shores.

The Original

There aren’t many cars that have a history as rich or exciting as the GT-R; under the Nissan banner, this particular model has created a fan-base that spans the world and 50 years’ worth of car enthusiasts, and continues to bring new fans, young and old alike, into the Nissan GT-R world.

Beginning in 1984, Nissan NISMO began as a concentrated effort to perfect their products on the racetrack, in order to perfect their products on the street. This dedicated high-level attention to detail is what has driven Nissan throughout the decades, and allowed them to produce some of the most memorable cars both on and off the racetrack – everyone remembers the iconic Nissan Skyline GT-R for instance.

Why Nissan decided to merge the GT-R with the NISMO arm of the business is a no brainer; combining the reputation, history & iconic appeal of the GT-R with the elevated levels of detail, performance and overall excellence from NISMO has resulted in Nissan crafting a truly remarkable car.

With improved handling, performance on & off the racetrack, sumptuous interior comfort and the feeling of being surrounded by history encased in a shiny, new shell, this design strikes a perfect balance between fun and fierce.

But how has the design changed exactly? What makes this new Nissan GT-R NISMO better than the models before?

New & Improved

Now we’re not saying that the previous GT-R model wasn’t already great, but one of the defining features of Nissan as a brand is our constant desire to be the best. This stems from our Japanese roots, and the expert craftsmen that build and design our vehicles. The ethos behind our work, from product design to engine building, is Kaizen.

Kaizen is the Sino-Japanese word meaning Improvement, the constant need to evolve and fine-tune. Kaizen is at the heart of the GT-R NISMO, a team wide mindset has pushed all behind this car to challenge themselves every step of the way. This is at the heart of everything we do at Nissan, and is one of the reasons we are always improving on our existing models, and developing newer, smarter technologies.

With this in mind, we have taken the GT-R and optimised it for the modern, discerning performance car lover.

GT-R Nismo
GT-R Nismo


One of the first things we did with the new Nissan GT-R was to reduce the overall weight of the model by using more carbon fibre in the design. Across the front & rear bumpers, hood, roof, trunk and rear spoiler, there has been a combined weight reduction of around 10.5 kilograms, making for increased downforce and enhanced aerodynamics. This is complemented by functional design changes that increase the cooling of key areas on the model, such as the engine bay and brakes, without creating more drag.

Speaking of design, it’s not just the outside that’s had a makeover, the interior has been updated to! With a 3 –layer structure in which carbon fiber sandwiches a main inner section to improve upper body support, the front seats, created by Recaro and enhanced for the GT-R NISMO 2020; have been improved to hug the driver comfortably when behind the wheel.

Braking System

Designed in collaboration with the Italian manufacturer Brembo, the new braking system in the GT-R bring significant improvement to brake reaction time.

Larger than ever before, the all new carbon & silicon carbide structure of the rotors generate much higher friction levels, the 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers have had their rigidity improved, and rotor cooling has all been improved upon, to make this GT-R model reassuringly responsive.

These calipers are larger than ever before, measuring in at 410mm, and have been painted in a bright yellow heat-resistant paint that protects them from temperatures over 1000C. Impressive!

This all comes together to make this Brembo braking system both responsive and resilient.

Carbon Fibre

Like we mentioned before, the whole GT-R design has had a design overhaul with its weight (losing 10.5kg overall!), and this is thanks to the inclusion of carbon fibre.

Lightweight and strong, the most significant carbon fibre injection has been with the roof; this has lowered the car’s center of gravity and massively improved the handling. Not only has this improved the speed and handling of the car, but it has improved the sound insulation to the car too, giving you a comfier and quieter ride.

GT3 Inspiration

Our beloved GT3 Racecar model has been a large source of inspiration for the new and improved GT-R NISMO, specifically the new turbochargers we added to the design.

These GT3 turbochargers use a 10-vane turbine wheel, with the vanes measuring 0.3 mm thinner than the existing GT-R model, creating a 14.5% reduction in mass which allows for a strong increase in engine response.

The diagram below outlines how the engine response has improved since the previous GT-R model.

Engine response diagrams – GT-R v GT-R w/GT3

A Heritage Car

The GT-R NISMO has had a modern re-design, not just on the outside but on the inside too, and the attention to detail with this latest evolution is nothing short of the excellence Nissan customers have come to expect from our brand.

One of the reasons that the GT-R is such a heritage model for Nissan, is thanks to our very own Mr GT-R, Chief Product Specialist Hiroshi Tamura.

Working for Nissan for over 30 years, he has spent his career refining and redeveloping the car’s design to continuously provide Nissan customers with superb comfort, high performance and smart technology. It’s a labour of love for him, as he first fell in love with the GT-R as a young boy aged 10 at the Fuji Speedway, and has been infatuated ever since, not just wanting to watch the GT-R but be part of its success.

Change is Coming

Like the versions that came before it, the new Nissan GT-R NISMO continues to amaze customers. With a dedicated team of experts and craftsmen behind it, there is no doubt that this generation is raising the bar once again.

With the rich history of the GT-R, the passion of Tamura and his team, and the Nissan promise to always strive for greatness, this GT-R NISMO is more intelligent and more refined then any GT-R before it.

GT-R Nismo from behind
GT-R speedometer